How Cotton Candy Can Teach Us Not to Worry

I took my family to the Rays game tonight (as of this writing they are still playing, in the 14th inning; with no end in sight). It was a great opportunity for us to spend the evening together, see a baseball game, and create some memories.

We got to the game early and got food and drinks before the game even started. We talked about getting cotton candy at some point during the game. Every time the cotton candy guy walked by my son would start jumping up and down asking if we were getting cotton candy. We would tell him to be patient and wait, that we weren’t going to not get cotton candy. But, without fail, the next time he came by, the same thing would happen. Finally, in the 4th or 5th inning we got the cotton candy and all was right with the world.

It got me thinking though. We, as parents, knew that there was no doubt that we were going to get cotton candy. We also knew we wanted to wait until further into the game to get it, but despite our explanation, the 5 year old couldn’t let the cotton candy guy walk by without pointing him out and asking if it was time. I would imagine God sees things in a way similar to us, as parents. He knows our dreams are going to come to pass, or that our prayers are going to get answered, but we, as 5 year olds, can’t just let it be. We constantly go back to God, reminding him of our prayers as if he might have forgotten.

In Hebrews 13:5 God reminds us “I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.”

Yes. God has to remind us. We don’t have to remind God.

Are you wasting time reminding God of your prayers, and worrying that they won’t be answered? Or are you trusting that he will never fail you; that he will never abandon you?


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