Cubicle Christian

What’s it like being a believer in your office?

It’s been interesting for me over the last 9 years since I was saved. And, there are a lot of factors that go into that word ‘interesting.’

There is my faith.

Over the last 9 years I have learned a lot about what I believe and why I believe it. I have gotten over many of my fears about being a Christian in ‘the world.’ I have come out of the church closet, if you will, and am confident in what I believe (and still learning). Nine years ago I was scared to discuss my faith with co-workers because it meant that I would be exposed, and labeled, as religious (a term I still don’t like), or a Jesus Freak, or even worse, a Christian.

What if someone wanted to argue about some obscure Bible passage I had never heard of that debunked everything I believed was true?

What if someone quoted a well known Bible verse that I should totally know and I had no idea what they were talking about?

There was a lot at stake (or so I thought). There were non-believers watching me and perhaps their faith waxed or waned based on my ability to participate in an argument, or even a conversation, about salvation.

Looking back, it is clear that I was full of fear and doubt about my choice to follow God and turn from Satan. It is also clear that I had a hard time putting my trust in the Lord.

Then there is my sin.

We all have sin in our life. We all choose our way over God’s way at some point. We all learn that our way never works out the way we thought it would. Then we make the same mistake again and again and again, until one day we finally realize that we are idiots and the only way we can overcome anything in our lives is to just hand it over to God and be willing to do what he tells us to do.

In the process of learning that lesson we are making fools of ourselves in front of the rest of the world. They call us hypocrites and laugh at us behind our backs. They feel comforted in continuing to lead a life without a relationship with God in it because it is obviously not working for us. So we continue to feel convicted to change our ways while they continue to feel justified in living life their way. Does that make any sense?

There was sin in my life and that sin kept me from living an authentic life that would pull others towards me God.

If the monochrome sea of cubes could talk, they would tell a tale of Christians failing to live out an authentic life time after time. It’s like the token Christian they used to put on The Real World (do they still?) to see what would happen. Inevitably, they would compromise their beliefs in order to satisfy the house and then the rest of the world could apply that failure to every believer they knew.

And there is them; the co-workers.

They each come into the office with their own story. The each have pain in their lives. They are all longing for something more; even the ones who have appeared to have given up on their dreams and are quite certain they will hunch over and die right there in their cube. Yeah, they are hurting too. Even the young gun on the fast track to middle management with his freshly framed MBA and his 1000 connections on LinkedIn. That guy is hurting too. And the big shot executive who seems to have her life and career perfectly in order? She’s hurting too.

And they all come with their own experience with faith, religion, etc. Most of them don’t even know there is a difference between faith and religion. Many of them have been hurt by some church, let down by a youth pastor, or a broken promise from a teacher in sunday school.

They have watched Christian men ruin the church. And let’s face it, we Christian men have been trying to ruin the church for over 2000 years. We doubt. We control. We try to make it about me instead of about him. We want power. We want recognition. We want money.

We’ve gotten pretty good at ruining the church. The world has taken notice.

Now we are trying to walk in offices around the world and proclaim God’s glory while secretly trying to ruin the church. How can we expect to make a difference? How can we be the hands and feet of Jesus and keep our eyes and ears in the world?

What do you do? You either go out and spread the good news and risk pain, suffering, and ridicule. Or, you hide in your cubicle and hope the topic never comes up when you are moving back and forth between your desk and the coffee machine.

So yeah, it’s been interesting and I am still trying to figure it out. The cool thing is that we serve a God who has it all under control. No matter how badly we try to screw things up, he will always find a way to use it for good. Those who are going to come to Jesus will come to Jesus, whether it is through you, me, or some other dude. Those who are going to spend eternity completely isolated from God…well…sadly, there is nothing we can do about that. We have to let people choose just as God allows us to choose.

The more we try to control other people, the more we ruin the church. The best we can do is to continue to live, love, and learn how to walk in a direction that moves us closer to God. In our pursuit of God we will attract a following and we will have the opportunity to share with others that one thing that moved us to change our life for all eternity.

Trust him. Love him. Serve him.

How do you deal with being a Christian in your office?


2 thoughts on “Cubicle Christian

  1. All good questions to ask.

    Think about it. We spend 40 (and sometimes more) of our waking hours in our offices.The most productive part of our day is spent at work. Your final question is probably one of the most neglected. We sometimes think of life with Jesus being the part where we are in church, or in the company of people at church, or doing “Christian” stuff, “evangelism”, “missions”, and the like, and yet this seems to ignore maybe the biggest piece of our life, our time at work. (I sometimes lament how little time I get to spend with my own kids. I see them for about four hours each day plus weekends.)

    How do we do our job? How do we relate to our co-workers/clients/customers/vendors? How do we practically live out our faith in Jesus? All questions I keep asking myself.

    Keep up the dialogue! Take Care.


    1. Great questions, Darren. It does seem odd that we have to commit so much of our time to our offices and, therefore, have so little time with our families. I guess, in my clearer moments, I look at it as an opportunity to show God’s love. After all, he has put us here (in these cubicles) for a purpose. We are to be an example of him to the world. We are to show his love to the world. We are to spread his word to the world. We are to write our own book of Acts to the world. This is our mission field.

      Easier said than done.

      When we get over ourselves, and looks past our fears and doubts and give ourselves over to the Lord, then he can effectively use us in whatever mission field in which he has placed us.


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