It’s 11:30PM on Wednesday night and my wife and I are supposed to be in Dallas, TX right now, but instead I am sitting at my dinning room table at home.

We got to the airport 2 hours before our flight was supposed to depart only to find out that it had been delayed by 50 minutes. No big deal. We went to the ticket counter to check in and found at that it had been bumped back again and wouldn’t be leaving until around 10:30PM. Haha, no big deal. We can take our time, have a leisurely dinner, mosey around the airport for a bit, sit, read, have coffee, etc. By the time we did all that and got over to the terminal the flight had been pushed back to shortly after 11PM. And, within 20-30 minutes of that, it was pushed back to close to midnight. And then, the inevitable; cancelled.

So the next step was to organize the group of passengers who were in surprisingly good spirits about the whole thing. There were a few who were visibly upset, but most everyone was pretty accepting of the ‘mechanical issues’ explanation we got. Some people departed on a flight to Ft. Lauderdale where they would then catch another flight to Dallas. We did not. Some people agreed to hang around Tampa until Friday in exchange for one free night at a hotel and a free round trip ticket. We could not.

Instead, we waited around and finally got booked on a 6am flight. Assuming all goes well, we will still make it to where we need to be in time.

I’m not upset, just a little bummed. We were supposed to get some quality time with some good friends of ours and now we have lost a night of talking, joking, and fellowship. But, God must have a purpose for this and when that purpose is revealed I will update this post to prove once again that he can use all things for good. I suppose the mere fact that I am sitting here, alive, should be evidence enough of his great love for us. But, perhaps there is more to it.

Can you think of a time God turned a frustrating situation into something wonderful for you?

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