5 Questions to Help Identify My Dream

In his book, Quitter, Jon Acuff talks about hinge moments that change the course of your life, or the dream of a life that you desire. They could be small moments; a chance meeting, a blog post, a book, etc. Hinge moments could be a classs you took in college, or a teacher you had that helped cultivate your dream. It could be something your parents did or said that stayed with you throughout your entire life.


Acuff identifies 5 questions for the reader to ask himself to identify those hinge moments. And, over the next 5 days I intend to meditate on, and write about, those questions.

I know I want to write. It is the one dream I’ve had since I was a child. It is the one thing that I always knew that I would do; someday. Someday wasn’t coming, so I had to make in effort to make someday today. That is part of the reason I started this blog.

What’s fuzzy is what exactly I want to write about. I thought it would be fiction for a long time. I thought I would write coming-of-age short stories that teenagers could learn something from and adults could identify with. Now I am not so sure. I have found a love for researching, and writing messages for the youth group where I volunteer. I have had the opportunity to speak a handful of times and I very much enjoy the process of taking a topic and extracting truth from it, and then sharing that truth with the 150-200 students that attend our youth group each week.

Below are the five questions. My hope is that I can flush out a clearer picture of my dream so that I have a better idea of what this blog about and what I am working towards. Your feedback could be crucial to my dream. It might be hard for me to see something that might be clear as day to you since I am living inside this dream. I am trying to look at a 3D view from a 2D perspective.

1. What do I love enough to do for free?
2. What do I do that causes time to feel different?
3. What do I enjoy doing regardless of the opinions of others?
4. If only your life changed, would that be enough?
5. Are there any patterns in the things you like doing?

Some of the answers to these questions will probably be pretty short, but I figure if I split it up over 5 days then I have time to really think about each question and not try to rush through to answer all 5 during my writing time.

I hope it is OK that I am putting these questions out here for all 5 of my readers.

Mr. Acuff, if you are reading this, I am not trying to steal your work. Quite the opposite in fact, it is partly my hope that people who read this will be inspired to, at the very least, buy your book. Whether they actually read it or not is another story.


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