5 Questions: Question 1

In yesterday’s post, 5 Questions to Help Me Identify My Dream, I shared the 5 questions that John Acuff poses in his book, Quitter, that help identify hinge moments in your life. These hinge moments could be the key to unlocking your true dreams/desires for your life.

Question 1: What do I love enough to do for free?

There are a lot of things I think I would do for free. I think I would prefer to not get paid and not have to worry about money. If I new that all my basic needs could be met, and my family was taken care of without falling further into debt, that would be enough. If my work/job/career could cover that, and my wife’s income could be fluff money, then I believe I would be satisfied, for a little while at least.

For free, I would continue to write this blog. It’s only been two weeks, but I am very much enjoying putting something together everyday, whether people read it or not. It has been fun flexing my writing muscle and coming up with a topic for each day. Some days I sit down and feel like I have nothing to write, and a few hundred words later I realize that I did have something to share.

For free, I would continue volunteering at FUSE. I have felt called to work with youth since I was a teenager. I went to school to become a teacher, and although I do not have a strong desire to teach in a classroom setting, I still feel a strong pull to be around teenagers because I am a good listener and can relate to teenagers in a way that most adults cannot. I have been involved in youth ministry for almost 3 years now and while some weeks are harder than others, overall, I look forward to building those relationships each week. And, on weeks that I don’t look forward to going, by the end of the night, God has revealed to me why I was there, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be used by God.

For free, I would be a personal trainer. I have no personal training experience, but I would love to help people shed fat and build muscle. I think I could be very good at encouraging others to achieve their fitness goals. Plus, I am really good at helping people come up with a plan, or organize an idea. The only reasons I haven’t done this are lack of time, and certification. I would feel terrible if I pushed someone too hard out of ignorance and killed their desire to become healthy, or physically caused them pain.

For free, in general, I desire to help people. I want to provide some kind of service where people come and ask me for help, and I help them.

Tomorrow’s question: What do I do that causes time to feel different?

What would you do for free?


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