5 Questions: Question 2

In my recent post, 5 Questions to Help Me Identify My Dream, I shared the 5 questions that John Acuff poses in his book, Quitter, that help identify hinge moments in your life. These hinge moments could be the key to unlocking your true dreams/desires for your life.

Yesterday, I answered question 1: What do I love enough to do for free?


Question 2: What do I do that causes time to feel different?

When I was a kid I could sit in my room and play with my Transformers, GI Joe’s, and Mini Micro machine for all day. I would make up different scenarios and time would fly by. I wouldn’t stop until it was time to eat dinner, or something more interesting grabbed my attention. When I was a teenager I could lie on the couch and watch MTV or VH1 for a full weekend. If there was a Real World or Behind the Music marathon on, forget about it, I was locked in from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Today, I can spend hours on end reading through Tech News blogs, looking at architecture websites, or pouring through pages and pages of Apartment Therapy dreaming about the perfect minimalist home (that is also homey enough for a family).

Conversely, I can sit in my cube for what feels like an hour, and only minutes have passed. But, I think the question is geared more towards the stuff that you like to do; the stuff that defines the cliche, “time flies when you are having fun.”

It’s not really fun we are looking for in our dream job though. It is a feeling of fulfillment. Really, I am looking for something that doesn’t leave me feeling empty at the end of the day. I want something that I look forward to doing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I want a job that defines, in part, who I am. People will introduce me and say, “Oh, this is my friend Rob, the ________.” Whatever that blank is, that’s what I want to be. I don’t want to feel like I wasted another 8 hours.

I was fulfilled when I was playing with my toys. I was fulfilled when I was training for my black belt at age 15. I was fulfilled when I was interning at various schools around Jacksonville, FL. I was even fulfilled when I was making coffee for people at Barnes and Noble Cafe (proudly serving Starbucks coffee). Talk about instant gratification. I never made so many people happy in such a short amount of time when the doors opened at 8am and I got to serve my regulars their first sip of coffee each day. Everyone was always happy to see me because I was their drug dealer, and it was totally legal!

Today, I feel fulfillment when I volunteer at FUSE; when I speak a message, when I have the opportunity to sit down and listen to a teenager tell me his story and then pray with him, or just build a relationship with a student. I feel fulfillment when the youth pastor and I sit down and discuss ideas for upcoming events, or just dream build about what we could do with the youth group.

Likewise, I love sitting down with my wife and talking to her about her business; dreaming about what it will be one day, planning how she can motivate the women she leads, brainstorming ideas for challenges and goals, and talking about the psychology of a people business.

In these times, time passes blindly.

And then there is writing.

I feel fulfillment when I can share thoughts or ideas via words. I like being able to take the time to organize thoughts in my head and get them down on paper, so to speak. I may not be the best writer in the world. I may not even be very good at it, but despite what anyone says, I enjoy doing it.

So that’s it. That’s the stuff that makes time feel different in my life.

Tomorrow I answer the question: What do I enjoy doing regardless of the opinions of other people?

What makes time feel different for you?


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