5 Questions: Question 3

In my recent post, 5 Questions to Help Me Identify My Dream, I shared the 5 questions that John Acuff poses in his book, Quitter, that help identify hinge moments in your life. These hinge moments could be the key to unlocking your true dreams/desires for your life.

Yesterday, I answered question 2: What do I do that causes time to feel different?


Question 3: What do I enjoy doing regardless of the opinions of other people?

I never liked it when people would tell me, “I don’t care what people think about me!” because if you have to tell me that, then it means you want me to think that you are a person that doesn’t care what other people think about you. Obviously, you care about what I think about you if you are making it a point to tell me that you don’t care what I think about you. Chew on that for a while.

I’ll admit, I care what other people think about me. I want people to like me. I want people to tell me I am good at the stuff that I want to be good at.

There are things that I would do, however, regardless of the opinions of other people. In my head, this blog post is going to go much the same as yesterday’s. Let’s find out…

Regardless of the opinions of other people, I would still volunteer as a youth leader at FUSE. I would still build relationships with those young adults. I would still be there to listen to them. I would still share God’s truths would them. I would still, God willing, let God use me to have a positive affect on their lives.

Regardless of the opinions of other people, I would continue to write this blog. Do I want people to “Like” this post? Absolutely. Do I want people to leave comments and tell me they think I am good at this? Of course. Do I want people to tweet links to the stuff I write with comments like, “Check this guy out, he changed my life?” Someday, definitely. Will I stop writing if that doesn’t happen? Absolutely not.

I’ve made a commitment to continue to write consistently for as long as it takes. I am committed to improving this skill and making an honest effort to pursue a dream I have had since I was a child. I owe it to 8 year old Rob to make a go of this. I owe it to 18 year old Rob to accomplish a goal of being published. And I owe it to today-Rob to make positive changes in my life based on my desires, and what I believe God wants for my life.

Regardless of the opinions of other people, I will still put my trust and faith in God. I see so many people turning away from God. They think he is a name in an old book. They think he is some Conservative Republican white male who molests little boys and wears fancy hats. People have let other people define for them who God is instead of listening to what their heart is screaming out to them. People have let their personal experience with churches and religions define what a relationship with God looks like instead of opening their hearts and minds to hear his voice. They call us closed minded because we believe there is only one true God, one messiah, and one way into heaven. But they won’t even take the time to honestly seek God. Why? I don’t really know, but my guess is because they know, deep down, that if they seek God they will find him, and when they do they will feel an overwhelming sense of conviction and guilt and might have to analyze the way they live their lives and make real changes. They will call us closed minded, but continue to be enslaved by sin. Am I perfect? Heck no, but I am willing to take my sins to God and accept his forgiveness. I am willing to give him all the glory because he died for me. So I will keep living a victorious life, and keep seeking a closer relationship with my creator regardless of the opinions of others.

I guess I got a little off track, but that’s what was on my heart and if you are reading this, then maybe someone wanted you to hear it.

When I look back on my life there are moments that changed the direction of my dream. I recall the composition book I used to write stories in when I was a kid, and the feeling of joy I got when I would think of stories to write. I remember the first time I took over a cabin of kids as a counselor in training at summer camp. I remember the first time one of my campers told me I made a real difference in his life. I remember the first time something I wrote was published. I remember the first time I got paid to write. I remember the first student I prayed with when he accepted Christ in his life.

My whole life, it seems, has revolved around a desire to write, and working with youth. Where does that lead?

What would you do regardless of the opinions of others? Where has your life lead you?

Tomorrow I answer the question: If only your life changed, would that be enough?


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