5 Questions: Question 4

In my recent post, 5 Questions to Help Me Identify My Dream, I shared the 5 questions that John Acuff poses in his book, Quitter, that help identify hinge moments in your life. These hinge moments could be the key to unlocking your true dreams/desires for your life.

On Tuesday, I answered question 3: What do I enjoy doing regardless of the opinions of other people?


Question 4: If only your life changed, would that be enough?

The short answer is no. I don’t think I can accomplish my dream if only my life were to change.

Let’s start with the down side and get it out of the way.

The downside of my dream is that it is going to take time and effort. It’s going to take consistent, focused energy to create something worthwhile. It’s going to mean time away from my family, even if I am sitting in the other room working. It might mean some late nights or early mornings. It might mean missing some family events. It might mean…I don’t know; there are always those things you can’t see coming.

So my family and close friends are going to be affected by my dream.

And what if what about when I get published and then my publisher wants another book? That generally means a more firm deadline, right? You have to strike while the iron is hot; isn’t that what they say? I may have to churn out another book or two in a very short period of time which would put more strain on my family and friends and possibly affect a publisher’s bottom line.

But what about the good stuff?

Youth. In my mind, right now, I see myself writing some kind of inspirational, faith based book focused on youth. If When that dream comes true there is a real good chance that many lives would be changed. Young believers would have a better understanding of their faith. Non-believers who are seeking truth would get some of their questions answered and it might even be the answer they were looking for to finally invite, and accept God into their lives. Wow! That would be life changing for sure.

People. It is also my hope that when I am successful in living out God’s plan for my life (which I pray does not include a cubicle), then it will inspire other people to trust God, and to faithfully move forward in identifying and working towards their dreams.

My son. What about the change in his life? He gets to see both of his parents pursuing things that they are passionate about. He gets to grow up in a home where dreams can come true, where his imagination is the limit, and where trust is put in our Creator. How is that going to affect his life? Greatly, I hope.

My marriage. When we are both working at home, and both chasing our dream, then I would imagine it will have a sizable impact on our marriage. When we can support each other, encourage each other, and help each other, then I would think that it will help us come closer together. Should I even mention the other things we would have more time for if working in the same home all day long? That could have the potential to not only change life, but create life.

Back to my original answer, no, if only my life changed, that would certainly not be enough and I would consider it a failure.

What about you? If you pursue your dream, and only your life changed, would that be enough for you?

Tomorrow I answer the final question: Are there any patterns in the things you like doing?


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