Mr. Incredible and the Body of Christ (with a little Voltron thrown in for good measure)

Sometimes I feel like Mr. Incredible. Not in the super strength, able to save the world from evil kind of way, but instead the guy who every day has to go sit in a cubicle working 8 hours a day doing a job that he was never meant to do.

Mr. Incredible was made for a purpose. He was made to do great things, but circumstances pushed him away from his purpose. I believe most people suffer from this same dilemma.

God made us in his image. He made us to do great things. He made us to be the body of Christ. Each of us have unique gifts and talents that if used…if used could do something amazing.

What would it look like if all God’s people did what they were called to do? What if all the believers came together and put aside their denominational differences and listened to God’s call? What if we were like Voltron? We could be the defenders of the universe. Or we could spread the word of God all over the globe until every man, woman, and child had been given the opportunity to hear God’s word, and make a choice.

I may not be a superhero, but if we all worked together, we could do super things. Step 1 is for each of us to decide to listen to God’s call and have the courage to do what he says.

What is God calling you to do?


3 thoughts on “Mr. Incredible and the Body of Christ (with a little Voltron thrown in for good measure)

  1. Love the Mr. Incredible analogy and how you related it to calling. I’m reminded of the scene in the Incredibles when Mr. Incredible is being lectured by his boss, while on the outside he sees someone getting mugged and he feels helpless to do anything. It’s the voice of responsibility or “settling” competing against the call, or the “still small voice”.


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