Wishes, Dreams, and Sbarro Pizza

My son asked me tonight, “Dad, do you like wishing for things?”

His 5-year-old mind concocted this question seemingly from thin air. I don’t know what prompted it, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for it as we sat eating pizza in the mall food court. I was stumped. I didn’t know how to answer him so I just said, “Yeah, buddy” which satisfied his curiosity. And then I posed the question to him and he answered much the same way. Conversation done.

The question lingers in my head though. Do I like to wish for things? I mean, I see the lottery billboards and imagine what I would do with $40 million, but I never buy a lotto ticket. I see pictures of houses and interior designs and think about how I would reconstruct the inside of our condo, but there are no plans for renovations. I drive through small towns and imagine how I could turn them into big cities, but I’m not a city planner or even in real estate. Do I like to wish for things? It seem selfish to say yes. I would come across as materialistic. It would seem that I would be asking for things that I do not need; as if I was not content, or grateful, for the things I have.

Wishes also come across as impossible. After all, they are just wishes. How many little girls actually get a pony when they blow out their candles? If people got the things they wished for, the world would be a different place, maybe, I mean, people are already pretty selfish. I guess the difference would be there would be a lot more stuff lying around. To me, having a wish come true means you got something for nothing.

So no, son, I don’t like to wish for things. I prefer to dream.

Why? Because dreams can come true. Because not everyone can obtain their dream, but anyone can obtain their dream. Because dreams take time and discipline. Because dreams need faith.

I can wish I was a published author all day long, but that will never make me a published author. But if I can dream it, then I can start to see a plan, a path; a road to success. I can take a dream to God and commit to it. And then I can seek my dream and the Lord tells us that if we seek we will find, if we knock the door will be opened.

Give me a dream Lord, and leave the wishes for birthday cakes.

Someday, when he is old enough to understand, my son and I will talk more about wishes and dreams. I will show him how his dad’s dream came true and how it only happened through faith and works, not candles and wishes.

Are you a wisher or a dreamer?

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