When Co-Workers Take the Lord’s Name in Vain at the Perfect Moment

More Cubicle Christian observations.

Sitting in a cubicle for 40 hours a week you hear a lot of comments from the people around you. Sometimes people are talking to each other. Other times, they are talking to no one at all. And still other times, it feels like god is using them to talk to you.

Take one guy in my office, for example. He will yell at his wife and kids under his breath for a few minutes after he gets off the phone with one of them. He talk to his computer multiple times throughout the day. He laughs at seemingly nothing. And, he calls on the Lord at least 5 times a day, if not more. No, he’s not a believer. He just likes to say the Lord’s name  in various forms whenever he has a problem with his computer, or the printer, or an email, or the data he is pulling, or his phone losing connection, or whatever else might set him off.

I try to stay on his good side because he is most likely to come back and wipe out the office in a fit of pent up rage one day. Not really. Well, maybe.  So far, I think I have shown enough love that my name has not made it on his list. He’s calmed down a lot over the last couple years. But he still must really need God in his life, because he can’t go a few hours without saying his name out loud.

My usual routine is to come in, check my email, make sure there are no fires to put out, kick off a query to pull some data, and then go to get coffee and hot water for my daily oatmeal. When I get back to my desk, that is usually prayer time. I have the excuse of my food right there, and you know how long it takes to stir that instant oatmeal before it’s actually ready to eat. So, while I am stirring, and staring at the mushy substance I am about to put into my mouth, I am also praying. Sometimes it is a quick prayer to thank God for the food and to be with me throughout the day. Sometimes, it’s a list of things I am grateful for followed by a list of needs, surrounded by a bunch of requests for forgiveness.

Today was a medium prayer day. I was giving thanks for this blog, the ability to write, for my family, friends, and all the things God has blessed me with. And as I was talking with God, just as I had a thought about how great he is, and about how amazed I am that he would humble himself on the cross for us, the hipster girl that sits behind me says, “Jesus!” as I have heard my other cube neighbor say it so many times. I don’t know why she said his name. I was focused on my oatmeal and God, but her timing sure did put a smile on my face.

People always want believers to prove that God exists. I submit God exists because he has such a awesome sense of humor, and if we look around, we can see just how much he wants us to smile and laugh. We spend a lot of time being serious at church, in bible study, in our prayer life, and the like. Let’s not forget to laugh at life; to laugh at the world around us. I would imagine Satan doesn’t like the sound of pure laughter so the louder we laugh, the harder it is for us to hear his lame comments and suggestions.

This life is but a blip in our eternity, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some laughs while we are here.

Elijah on Baal:

1 Kings 18:27 (NLT)

About noontime Elijah began mocking them. “You’ll have to shout louder,” he scoffed, “for surely he is a god! Perhaps he is daydreaming, or is relieving himself. Or maybe he is away on a trip, or is asleep and needs to be wakened!”

How does God make you laugh?

4 thoughts on “When Co-Workers Take the Lord’s Name in Vain at the Perfect Moment

  1. Rob, I am so glad you have returned to writing. This example is just small evidence that not only do you have a God-given talent, but an awesome love for God. I am so proud of you. Love, Bobbie


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