Some Days

Some days, the sun shines brightly.

The birds chirp. You can see crystal clear. Your path is set, and you will follow it no matter what.

Some days, in roll the clouds.

All of the sudden things aren’t so clear anymore. All of the sudden, it is a bit harder to see.

Some days, down falls the rain.

It gets harder to see. And the temptation to just stay put, or to back up into your old shelter where life is comfortable.

Some days, in rolls the lightning and thunder.

It gets harder to keep moving forward. It feels like the world is yelling at you. It feels like the sky is closing in on you. You weren’t prepared for the storm. Your little umbrella just won’t cut it.

Some days, you push through anyway. You get wet, but you keep moving.

The thunder stops. The rain subsides. On move the clouds.

Some days there are storms in our lives, but fear not, the sun will always shine after a storm.


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