I Write Because…

Tonight my son asked me why I write.

I suppose this is a good question to be able to answer at a moment’s notice. I told him I write because I like to, and because I need to practice so I can get better. I also explained that I would like to one day be able to make money writing.

“You want a writing job?” he asked.


“But you already have a writing job.” He replied. I’m not sure where he gets his information sometimes.

“No, I don’t buddy.”

“Do you have A job?” He asked. Again, as smart as this kid is, sometimes I wonder.

“Yes, I have a job.”

And then he asked if I got my new job yet, which is really just a job I applied for, but am not qualified to do.

That was pretty much the end of the conversation since it was time for his shower. But, as with many of his questions, this one lingers in my head.

I write because it feels good.
I write because I can get my thoughts out in a sensible, and logical order.
I write because I can share a complete thought without interruption.
I write because people are always thinking about what they are going to say next and not what is being said to them.
I write because it is how I can share God’s word with people.
I write because when I share God’s word, I can hear God’s voice.
I write because, when I write, I understand my own thoughts/beliefs/opinions a little bit better.
I write because writing comes naturally to me (even though spelling doesn’t).
I write because I want to create something tangible.
I write because writing is something for which I can be remembered.
I write because it is my dream to write and I want to reinforce the importance of chasing your dreams to my son (and myself).
I write because sometimes I don’t want to write, and following your dreams means sometimes doing what you don’t want to do.
I write because my wife likes to read what I write.

And the list goes on. Writing, painting, building, designing; whatever your hands find to do, do it! You may not be good at it. You may not make money at it. No one may ever see it. But if it is your dream, then it is worthwhile.

Why do you write?

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