Don’t Read This

I have noticed that I have started to care about pageviews on this blog. I told myself I wouldn’t care whether people read this or not, and then my pageviews dropped and I started to believe the lie that I didn’t need to write everyday. I started thinking that I could take a few days off and it wouldn’t matter because nobody would notice.

I’m taking this writing time to remind myself that it’s not about who is noticing, it is about practice. In fact, this is the time when I should be most diligent in my writing because no one is looking. Dreams become a reality for people who are willing to make the tough choices to do what is right when no one is looking.

I think that’s also what turns believers into followers of Christ. I wish I could say that I have always behaved in private they way I behave in public. I wish there was only one version of me, and that was someone who was sold out for God. But, I believe the lies. I let my flesh get the best of me sometimes. I choose me over Him too often.

Maybe I have a string of throw-away blog posts that don’t have a lot of substance and don’t attract a lot of eyes. That’s ok. It’s not about who is reading and who isn’t. This time of my life is about preparation. What is it they say? Success comes when opportunity and preparedness meet. Well, I want to be ready for my opportunity. This blog isn’t my success. This blog is my preparation. This is the place I will come back to visit and see the embryos of future projects. This is where my future fans will stumble across my old writing and be like, “wow, he was just a regular guy.”

I say then, pageview shmageviews. It doesn’t matter. This is my dream. This is the thing I want to be good at.

There aren’t many spectators at practices for sporting events. People only show up for the games. Not a lot of people are crowding around to see what Olympic athletes are doing in the time between the Olympics, but London is about to be packed with cheering fans from around the world to see what happens when opportunity and preparedness meet.

So don’t read this. This is just practice. This is the boring, mundane activity of someone who is getting ready to get ready to do something big.

What are you doing when nobody is looking?

One thought on “Don’t Read This

  1. Have totally been there. Press through. Write about what gives you joy and life. I’ve come to realize there is sometimes no rhyme or reason about what gets pageviews. Totally random things capture people’s attention. Sometimes it’s not even your best work. Whereas some of your best writing may go totally unnoticed, because it doesn’t have the right tags. Doesn’t seem fair.

    Your conclusion is the right one. “pageview shmageviews” indeed.

    Better to write something good and have it matter to even one person. Better to write and realize God has spoken to you.


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