It’s not too late.

“It’s not too late, but I can’t guarantee that it’s never too late.”

These were Blake’s words ringing in my head after the first full day of camp. I feel for these students, probably more than I ever have. We all know the stereotypical feelings of invincibility that teenagers apparently have. I don’t think I ever truly felt that. I was a cautious kid. Rarely, did I lose control, but the few times I did, I generally paid for it with pain. Other kids seemed to be able to do anything and never get hurt.

I don’t know what the difference is. But, it seems like we never hear about kids like me, or kids like them. We hear about the kids who are reckless and then die. We hear about the kids who spin out of control and end up wrapping their care around a tree, or cutting themselves too deeply and the bleeding never stops. We hear about the kids who ‘experiment’ with drugs and end up addicted to pills. They fall asleep one night and never wake up.

And we still say it is never too late.

As Christians, we say it’s never too late. We pass the baton to someone else. “I couldn’t save that one, so someone else will.”

It’s not too late right now, but it might be too late tomorrow. The fact is, we don’t know.

Am I giving it my all? Am I serious about God’s call on my life? Do I really care about the eternal lives of teenagers?

I’d like to say I do, but my actions say otherwise.

If we were really living for God, then we would be a lot more excited about the idea of sharing the Word with everyone around us. No, we can’t force people to accept God’s free gift. We can’t change their mind. But, we can live a life of freedom, a life of joy, and a life of peace. We can show them by example what God offers and let them choose for themselves.

It’s not too late right now for them to choose. But someday it might be.

It’s not too late for us to live a spirit led life. But someday it will be.

Are you living the life you know you could live?


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