Last night of camp: Student Skit

On our last night of camp, a group of students had put together a skit. It was powerful, to say the least. I have embedded a video of the same skit, although this is not the exact skit they did. I think, to you the reader, the effect will be the same. To me, because I knew the students doing the skit; because I have been apart of their lives, watched them fail and succeed, it meant a lot more to me to see them do it. But, watching the video below, I was still choked up.

Being a teenager was tough. I wish I had listened to God’s call when I was in high school. I wish I could have seen passed the religion, the tradition, the hypocrisy, and the customs of what I thought was Christianity. I know God has a purpose and he knew I would eventually come around. But, it would have been nice to have him to depend on when I was struggling through figuring out who I was and what my place was in this world.

I thank God that he has put me in a position to reach out to teenagers and let them know how much he loves them, and that they don’t have to depend on themselves and their own understanding to make it through those years.

Enjoy! And, have a great weekend.


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