Olympic Fever

Earlier this year I realized it was an Olympic year and I got all excited. The month or so leading up to the games was a time of great anticipation. I don’t think I have ever been so ready to see the Olympic games. I missed the opening ceremonies by a few hours because we were traveling back from Tennessee. But, that was ok, they are cool, but they aren’t what it’s all about. Plus, how do you outdo Beijing? You don’t. You don’t even try.

Whenever possible, including all day today, I sit down to watch whatever events are on one of the 5 channels that have coverage. It’s a little annoying with so much information on the internet. I can’t seem to make it through the day without hearing about the results of what they are going to show on prime time that night. But, not matter. Each event is still just as exciting.

Why? Why do I like the Olympics so much? I mean, I wouldn’t normally watch fencing, or water polo. I like volleyball, but I would never spend hours on end watching coverage of non-Olympic volleyball. I might watch swimming, gymnastics, and table tennis, but they never show that stuff on TV anyway. For the most part, these are not sports I am passionate about. So, why can’t I peel myself away from the TV?

I can’t help but watch people live out their dreams. What is better than watching someone play out in real life the things that they have imagined over and over in their heads since childhood? I don’t care if they are synchronized divers, archers, or rowers. These people caught a dream, put in the effort to train, and now have the opportunity to display their talents on the biggest stage in the world, against the best in the world.

Maybe it is because I am working towards figuring out exactly what my dream is. Maybe it is because I am ready to put in the effort to attain that dream. I don’t know, but this year, I can’t get enough of the Olympics. I can’t get enough of dreamers accomplishing their dreams. Gold, Silver, Bronze…who cares? It the freaking Olympics, ya’ll!!

And now back to water polo.


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