Friends and Mentors

I am blessed beyond belief. Despite my best efforts to isolate myself from people, God has given me some of the greatest friends ever. I have people in my life who love me and care about me. These are people who want to see me succeed and who are willing to take the time to help me accomplish my goals and dreams. And they pray for me. Bonus.

I couldn’t possibly try to create a comprehensive list of people in my life. Mostly, because I fear I would forget the one person who would read this blog post.

As I was praying last night or this morning recently, I asked God to remind me of how he has blessed me. When I examine the people I have had the opportunity to spend time with just within the last couple of days I can see some of those blessings.

I’ve spent time with a friend and mentor who I refuse to say goodbye to, but who is leaving my everyday life. I finally found the time to hang out with a close friend who has been nothing short of a brother to me since the first time I met him almost three years ago. I’ve had time with my wife; probably the only person who loves me unconditionally. I had a great afternoon at a baseball game with my son whose personality is mirroring mine more and more each day, and whose love for God is something adults should study and learn from. And then early this evening I got to spend time with a man whom I respect greatly, but have had little time with. He, with only a couple brief conversations, has offered to help continue my spiritual growth and who will no doubt assist with me finding, defining, and achieving my dreams.

I pray God will continue to remind me of all the things he has given me. I feel like I take them for granted more often than not. Recognizing and claiming those blessings helps to humble me and keep me focused on what is important in my life. I also pray that he will use me to bless others in whatever way he sees fit.

How has God blessed your life?


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