5 Ways to Get Closer to God – Part 3

Hopefully, you’ve been praying, and reading your Bible. I mean, I didn’t take all this time to write out these ideas for you to just ignore them. I’ve spent, literally, 10s of minutes working on these blog posts. The least you can do is take a couple hours out of your day to work on your relationship with God.

For you new folks, just joining the conversation, we have been discussing ways in which we can get closer to God; ways that we can break out of our spiritual rut, reconnect with our creator, and live a joyful life (at least until the roller coaster hits the next low point in our life and we find ourselves in another rut). Actually, there is no conversation happening. This is just me sitting here writing my thoughts.

I wrote about the importance of prayer on Monday; connecting with God by calling out to him directly, and asking him to show you the blockages in your life. On Tuesday, I covered the importance of reading your Bible. It is, quite literally, God’s letter to his people (that’s you). We can use it to understand how God relates to his creation, and how we can improve our relationship with him.

Today, I want to cover a third topic:

3. Music

I am not very good at memorizing scripture. I know how important it is, and I gain a lot from the few verses that I know, but it just doesn’t seem to stick like I want it to. I’m working on it. On the other hand, I can remember song lyrics really well. I get songs stuck in my head for days, sometimes without even realizing what the words are. Then, when I take a moment to actually think about what I am singing to myself, I think, “oh wow, that’s really profound and relates to my life really well” (or something like that).

Similar to memorizing verses, music can play on repeat in our minds. It can be there right when we need it; right when we need that reminder of a lesson once learned. It can transport us through time. It can encourage, uplift, convict, and protect.

…if we are listening to the right music

I’m not just talking about your favorite college band whose music you used to download on Napster and who you would drive 12 hours to stand in the rain to see at some amphitheater (and then promptly download the bootleg of the show when you got home so you could prove to your friends how awesome you are and why they should have gone with you).

I’m talking about worship music, more specifically, worship music directed towards God. Songs about God, our relationship with him, our salvation, our love for him, his love for us, and on and on – are meant to remind us of all those things that are written in the Bible that we might not hear, or understand, when we read them. Music has a way of lodging itself into our souls and we can carry it with us wherever we go. In these songs we hear stories of triumph over sin. We hear songs of forgiveness and redemption, second chances, and new beginnings.

Currently, I have the bands NEEDTOBREATHE and The City Harmonic stuck on repeat in my head. They remind me what I believe. They remind me of my responsibility as a believer. They remind me of the hope that God gives us. They remind me what Jesus did for us on the cross. They remind me to take my eyes off myself and place them on others. They remind me to take out the trash – not really, but as I was writing this I remembered that I need to do that, so I guess, in a way, they do.

We can always fall back on music to help us through tough times. We all have songs that remind us of a specific time or place in our lives. A song can transport us to those places in an instant. A dark day can be made bright. A blah day can be made sentimental. I good day can be made better. Gray clouds don’t matter when you have song to remind you of bright blue skies, sandy beaches, and crashing waves; of playing Frisbee in a park, or of the first summer you spent dating your future wife.

Below are the lyrics to a song called White Flag, by Chris Tomlin. This song has been stuck in my head, and my son’s head, since we were at camp a few weeks ago.

The battle rages on
A storm and tempest roar
We cannot when this fight
Inside our rebel hearts

We’re laying down our weapons now
We raise our white flags
We surrender all to you
All for you

We raise our white flag
The war is over
Love has come
Your love has won

Here on this holy ground
You made a way for peace
Laying your body down
You took our rightful place
This freedom song is marching on
(Repeat Chorus)

We lift the cross
Lift it high
Lift it high (x8)
(Repeat Chorus)

What songs are playing in your head?


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