5 Ways to Get Closer to God – Part 4

Hello friends! Welcome back, or perhaps just welcome.

I know you all have just been chomping at the bit to find out what the part 4 topic is. All day you were sitting at your jobs wondering what it could be. You told your friends about this series of blog posts and asked them what they thought could possibly be next. They just shrugged their shoulders and went back to their cubicle to curse their life some more. You wrote out the first three parts on your whiteboard: prayer, Bible, music…. You tried to figure out the pattern like it was a SAT question.

What other ways could there be to get closer to God, to reconnect with God, to break me out of this rut I am in?

Let’s find out.

We use prayer to speak directly to God. We use prayer and the Bible to allow God to speak directly to us. We us music to worship our Lord, and to take those lessons from the Bible and let them soak into our mind and body. And we use all three to give glory to God.

These are all very personal things. In most cases, or at least as I have discussed them, these are activities that are between you and God. Many believers stop their. They want their relationship with God to be a private matter; something reserved for bedside prayer and late night television. Your religion faith is something that should just be about you, right?


4. Fellowship

Going through life alone is hard. I’ve tried it a number of times and can’t seem to make it work, despite this nagging voice in my head telling me that I should want that. Many of us, perhaps more so with men, but don’t quote me on that because I’m not a woman, feel as though we should be totally self sufficient. We shouldn’t need help. We shouldn’t need a god to follow. We shouldn’t need a savior. We should be able to “figure it out” on our own. Does any of that ring a bell, or am I just writing to myself again?

I am an introvert by nature. I am ok with just being with me. I don’t always need other people around. But, I do need other people. It is in those times that I love fellowship. It could be a Bible study, a men’s/women’s group. It could be a community service group, or a youth group. It could be all kinds of things. Fellowship is a time for believers, and maybe even non-believers, to get together and just share time with each other in the name of the Lord. It doesn’t have to be organized, or with a specific purpose, but it should be a time where one can go to be refreshed, encouraged, and supported. It should be a place where people can take off their masks, let their guard down, and be real. It should be a place where when someone ask you, “How are you?” you can actually tell them how you are. Do you have a place like that?

In short, fellowship should be a place where people can be Jesus to each other, and for each other. Spending time with positive, uplifting people should mirror our relationship with God. We should be able to look into that crowd of people and see God there. Maybe you pray together. Maybe you read the Bible together. Maybe you even sing together. Or, maybe you just sit and drink coffee, and talk about your struggles and your victories.

Everyone who walks away from a time of fellowship should feel three things, maybe more, but definitely three.

1. They should feel like God spoke to them through a friend
2. They should feel like God used them to speak to a friend
3. They should feel better about themselves and their relationship with their creator

So if you haven’t done so lately, get around those people who you know will help lift you up out of that rut, and pull you back onto the path you know you should be following. One of the best parts about coming out of the valley of the shadow of death is having a friend either walking with you, or waiting for you at the exit. It’s like when they used to let people go to the gate at the airport to pick up their friends and family. There was nothing better than seeing someone you love, or at least like, waiting for you as you stepped off the plain. It always made me feel super important.

Who have you fellowshipped with lately?


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