5 Ways to Get Closer to God – Part 5

We are all prayed up. We’ve been in the word. We’ve been blasting Christian music in our car on our way to work. And, we’ve gotten around people who encourage us and help to fill a void in our life. What else could we possibly do to get closer to God?

I went back and forth on what I should use for number 5. It seemed like every other topic I came up with fell into one of the topics I have already written about. But the more I thought about it, the brighter this one topic glowed in my head.

It is something very personal for me. It’s a skill I want to develop and be really good at some day. And, it is the one constant dream I have had since I was a small child.

5. Writing

Writing, for me, gives me the opportunity to organize my thoughts. I can take a topic, or a theme, and sit down and ask myself, “what do I think about this?” Maybe you would ask yourself, “how does this make me feel?”

So, for example, when I think about a verse in the Bible, I can then take that verse, meditate on it, let it roll around in my head, pray about it, and let God speak to me. Then, I write what I hear. I allow God to use me to speak to me in my own words. Does that make sense?

It is personal, like prayer. It is direct, like reading the Bible. It is impactful, like music. And it is communal, like fellowship.

I’m not saying that everytime I sit down and write, it is God words coming out of my fingers. But I do believe, that there are times when it is. I’ve written things that I didn’t know I knew. I have had insights about scripture that i was never taught. I’ve written messages that were just for me, because it was something I needed to learn, but I wrote it. Very strange. And, humbly, I have written a lot of crap too.

But that’s what is great about writing. You can be great, or you can be terrible, and either way there is a record of it. Either way, you are going to learn something about yourself. Writing is a type of self reflection and self discovery. It is a way to explore thoughts and ideas. So when you are seeking God, writing can be a doorway to discovering him, and a way for him to help you discover you. If we are made in his image, the exploring who we are is a way to get closer to him.

The cool thing is, you don’t have to get the complete thought out about a topic all at once. You can get it down on paper, think about it, reflect on what you wrote, and write again.

I am sure I could go back through (and eventually I will) each of these 5 steps to getting closer to God and realize that there is so much more to each step. I’ll see what I got right, I will see what I missed, and I will find out how poorly I proofread the first time.

And with that, I can’t think of anything else to write tonight.

What does writing do for you?

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