Sermon Sunday: Supper’s Ready!

Continuing in our K.I.S.S. (Keeping it Short & Simple) series today Walter covered Supper’s Ready, which if you couldn’t tell from the title, was a talk on the eucharist.

He summarized (short & simple) the last few weeks this way:

  • In Jesus, God announces and demonstrates God’s unconditional, sacrificial Love for us.
  • In Jesus, God forgives sinners of every shape, story, and situation.
  • In Jesus, God welcomes us to a feast, and everyone who wants to come had a guaranteed place at the table.

Then he went on to cover three topics leading up to the supper.

  1. Memory
    1. Luke 22:19 – Do this in remembrance of me
    2. What that word remembrance really mean? It means that we remember everything God has done for us, from Genesis 1:1 all the way through Revelation because only then do we understand God’s loving plan for each of our lives; God’s loving plan for you.
  2. Communion
    1. Matthew 26:26-28 – This is my body…This is my blood.
    2. John 6:51, 54, 56 – The bread that I will give for the life of the world is my flesh. Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life. Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood abide in me, and I in them.
    3. This act of consuming Jesus makes us one with him. This moves him from our minds into our mouths. It’s pretty awesome to have a savior that wants nothing more than to be one with us.
  3. Eucharist
    1. Good gift. Good grace. Thanksgiving.
    2. Eucharisteo (Latin) – Gave thanks {at a meal}. Be thankful.
    3. Three-fold event
      1. Loving gift – Jesus received the gift from God
      2. Grateful reception – Jesus is thankful for the gift
      3. Generous sharing – Jesus shares the bread and wine with his disciples
    4. “Eucharistic people gratefully receive the abundance that God lovingly gives, and the while allowing that abundance to flow through them, out to others.”

In this act, we observe Jesus taking the bread, blessing it, and then sharing it with those around him. In this act is the lesson of how we are suppose to live our lives as Christ followers. When we accept the gift of the Christ (the bread of life) into our lives, we become one with Jesus. We are grateful for that free gift he has given to us. In our gratitude we thank God. We pray. We praise. We worship. We sing. We dance. We write. We meditate on his word. All this is the act of eating the bread. But the ultimate way to thank God for his gift is to then take that gift and offer to others.

No, we don’t stuff the bread down other peoples’ throats. We don’t force the bread on anyone. We also don’t need to butter the bread, put jam on it, melt cheese on it, or toast it. We don’t need to alter the bread in anyway. The bread, the gift, is perfect just the way it is. God’s perfect gift was offered to us. We had the opportunity to say yes or no. The gift was part of the example. So, we must handle that gift with care. We take that gift, we consume it, become one with it, and offer it to those around us. Some will take it and some won’t. It’s not up to us to decide who does or does not. Our job is to joyfully offer. Our job is to live eucharistically.


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