Dad, you are so cool.

My son and I spent the evening together tonight. He had karate, then we came home, made dinner, and hung out for a while. He talked me into watch the Regular Show on cartoon network. He memorized the commercials for all his favorite shows so he know that Regular Show comes on “Mondays, at 8/7 central.”

As we were sitting and watching the absurdity that is Regular Show, he busts out with, “Dad, you are so cool!”

My heart warmed instantly.

The kid does this stuff all the time. He’s really good at it with my wife which is good because words of affirmation is not my forte so he fills some of the gap on that one. They will be driving in the car and he will tell her the exact things she needed to hear in that moment. Girls of the future beware.

I guess this was one of those times for me.

My response was, “You are so cool.” See how original I am with my compliments?

“Yeah, but you are way cooler than me.” He replied.

“That’s only because I have had more time to practice being cool.” I said. “Someday, you will be way cooler than me.”

He came back with, “No. When I am older you will still be cool. But, I will be cooler than my son.”

“I don’t know, buddy. Your son is going to be pretty cool because he has such a cool dad.” I replied.

“Yeah.” He said.

And then I got to explain to him why he is so much cooler than I was at that age. I talked to him about his love for God and how I didn’t have a very close relationship with God when I was six.

He probed as to why I didn’t. He asked if I was an adult before I had Jesus in my heart. I explained that I knew about God when I was a kid. I went to church. I attended Sunday School. I even went to a private school that taught about the Bible. But though I knew about these things; though I knew about God. I didn’t know God. I asked if he understood that and he said, “Yeah. Well, no. Not really.”

I’m sure it will make more sense when he is older, but the fact is, he can’t fathom not knowing God. He has no concept of a world without God. He can’t comprehend the idea that someone might think that the universe was not created by God. When I tell him, “God loves you” his response is, “Dad!! I know.”

…because who would ever think that God doesn’t love you?

I fully expect him to question these things at some point in his life. I kind of hope he does so that he can seek a deeper understanding of his beliefs and build an even stronger bond with his creator. On the other hand, I am so thankful that this is his base of knowledge. This is the box which he will someday try to think outside of. This is square one.

To me, that makes him the coolest kid in the world.

P.S. When I get to heaven, I’m totally stealing that line and using it.

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