Dad, you don’t have to write.

“Dad, you don’t have to write.”

These were the words my son kept repeating to me tonight. Every time it came up that I needed to write tonight, he would exclaim those words to me.

Truth is, I was saying the same thing to myself. I haven’t written since last Thursday. I took the weekend off to go to Orlando with a group of 50 kids (and a handful of adults – don’t worry, I would never do that alone). I wanted to be able to focus on them when we were together in the hotel room so I decided I wouldn’t take anything that would distract me from that. And, it worked. Three students really opened up to me about things going on in their personal lives and I was able to show them how much I care about them. I think God will use the experience to open new doors for them, and he will use me to help make a difference in their lives.

Back to tonight.

After taking the weekend off, it has been an uphill battle to talk myself into sitting down and tapping these keys. It was very odd, then when my own son was echoing the thoughts in my head. However, his words didn’t make it easier to skip another night of writing – quite the opposite in fact. When I heard him say those words it made me want to write. It made me want to be the example. It made me want to show him that when you commit to something, you really commit to it. You take away the excuses, and you just do it.

He won’t remember that we had to skip a bedtime story so that I could write. He won’t remember much about tonight. And, it probably wouldn’t matter if I did what I want to do and just jumped into bed right now. But it might. If I skip tonight, then maybe it will be easier to skip tomorrow, and maybe Wednesday night I will write, and then Thursday I have youth group so maybe I won’t have time to get it done that day, and then it’s Friday and the weekend. I could start fresh next week. Take a week off to let the creative juices build up and start flowing. But maybe next week I change my whole strategy and instead of writing everyday I figure I could do just as well to only write 3 days a week. Hardly anyone is reading this stuff anyway. Give myself a break. I deserve it. I’m busy. I got a lot going on. This whole writing thing won’t really pan out to anything anyway.

Before I know it, I’m right back where I was. I’m not writing. I have no hope for achieving my goal in the future, and I am just going to wait for God to drop a writing gig in my lap. I’ll play the dream lottery.  Every week I’ll just hope and wish that something comes from nothing. I’ll try to convince myself that as soon as the right opportunity comes along, then I will really start to commit to my dream.

Not going to happen.

We prepare for our dreams to come true by doing things we don’t necessarily want to do. We prepare to accomplish our goals when no one is looking. We get ready for the big game in the off-season. Shall I keep these clichéd lines going or do you get the point?

What’s the point?

“Yes, son, I have to write tonight.”

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