Adventure Time

It is fitting that on the night I write my 100th post, this is also the night of the 100th episode of Adventure Time. Actually, the two have nothing to do with each other, but it was a funny coincidence and I needed a reason to write about the fact that this is my 100th post. It seems somewhat significant, especially considering that my two other attempts at blogs didn’t last quite so long. My first attempt yielded 25 posts and my attempt at becoming a tech news blogger yielded 20 posts.

So, at 100, I have written 4-5 times more than ever before. And, more importantly, I have been writing consistently which has been the goal of this from the start. As for the mission, that is still unclear, but no one said it would come quickly or easily and I never set a date or blog count on figuring it out. Perhaps I should.

This morning I got an email from this guy Jonathan Mead. He runs a web service called Paid to Exist. A friend of mine, who happens to read my blog on a somewhat regular basis, texted me about this service a couple weeks ago and I have been checking it out. Like Jon Acuff, Jonathan Mead, seeks to help people close the gap between their day job and their dream job. After signing up for the web service, I began receiving emails from them with various information and questions that got me thinking about my dream job. Today’s questions were…

How bad do you really want to do work that matters to you?

And how much do you want the freedom, autonomy, joy, purpose, great income and impact on the world that comes with it?

Those are pretty tough questions. My first thought was, “Work? I dont want to do work. I want to go to the beach, play with my son, hang out with my wife, spend time with friends, do Bible studies, help youth, write, eat sushi, watch movies, and be financially comfortable, debt free, and live in a decent sized house with a pool.” That doesn’t involve work, right? But, I guess somewhere in there is my dream and clues to my dream job. I just don’t see it clearly which is part of the reason why I write, and why I am looking into Paid to Exist, and following Jon Acuff.

If you see it, let me know.

I was that kid who didn’t know what he wanted to do when he grew up, and still can’t seem to figure it out. I did what was expected of me and ended up in a cubicle living a scheduled life. Don’t get me wrong, I like my schedule. I like a regular paycheck. I like knowing what to expect. But there is a part of me that wants the freedom to have an adventure; to grab my wife and head off to some exotic location at the drop of a hat. But in my current situation, that just doesn’t seem possible. Part of me wants to be able to get in the car with my son and go on a road trip to someplace that he finds interesting. But in my current situation, that doesn’t seem like an option.

I guess this blog is an exploration of my dreams. I can use it to define what I know about my self; my life, my beliefs, my goals, and my dreams. And then I can take what I learn, look at it from 10,000 feet up and see my niche; see what God has so plainly laid out as the direction my life should go. As it is right now, from down here in the rut, it is kind of hard to see. That’s been a frustrating experience in the past. However, getting these ideas on paper, learning about what I believe, recording what burdens me, and writing out my dreams has thus far given me hope. Hope, I hope, will lift me out of the rut and help me to start to see where I am going.

This is my adventure time. This is when Dorothy leaves the black and white cubicle life, flies over the rainbow into the colorful adventure that is what dreams are made of, and lands squarely on a witches head, crushing her to death and setting in motion a chain of events that lead her on a journey to discover what she loves most in this world. OK, maybe that smashing the witch part doesn’t really fit, but hey, who am I to question what God has in store for me?

What’s your adventure?

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