A Very Grand Canyon, Indeed

Let us take a few minutes to quiet our minds, put the cell phone down, focus our minds, and enjoy a small sliver of the beauty that God created.

Some people would use the Grand Canyon as proof that the world is older than the Judea-Christian tradition teaches, and I have my own theories on the age of the Earth, but I think this amazing piece of Earth-a-tecture shows just what an amazing God we have. It’s immense size mimics, to a small degree, his immense love for us. It’s layers and layers of earth, the bending and winding river, and all the caves, nooks and secret corners tell stories of adventure, just as our lives will be an adventure when we choose to follow him.

On this sabbath day, take a 5 minutes break and reflect on just how much God loves you, regardless of your faults, or your struggles to love him. Whether you are chasing after him with all your heart or questioning his existence, he still loves you the same. Whether you have accepted his forgiveness of your sins or are still struggling to overcome them, he wants nothing more than for you to call out to him. His love is more than any of us could ever fathom. His grace, and his mercy are boundless. His arms are wide open, waiting to embrace you.

Have you felt his love today?


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