What planet is this from?

You’re no doubt looking at that picture and thinking that it is some sci-fi creation. It must be from a movie like Starship Troopers, Alien, or some Michael Bay flick. It is crazy menacing. It is other worldly. It is an alien creature bent on eating its way across Earth’s landscape leaving behind it a trail of blood, death, and alien slime. This must be the work of some crazy movie creature designer whose name I don’t know.

The wiry hairs give it a distinguished look. It must be a creature of some distinction amongst its kind. It must have a fair amount of power and authority. Or, maybe it has been traveling the universe on its own for thousands of years, seeking and destroying planet after planet. Oh, the tails it could tell. It’s battled countless civilizations. It has gone to war, and it has won. It has seen things, and done things that would turn your stomach inside out. It is the worst of its kind. 

Look at those eyes, if you can even tell which eyes are the real ones. Don’t look for too long, though, or you will be under its spell. He will use you to destroy your friends and family, and prepare his meals for him. When he is done with you, you will be his dessert. His appetite is endless and those fangs show how much, and how often he can eat. 

He’s a mean, nasty creature who was once seeking revenge for the murder of his beloved. But, somewhere along the way he found he enjoyed killing. He enjoyed leaving behind the dead shell of a world. He found strength in other’s destruction. He found peace in their death. He found purpose in the massacre. He would tear apart every inhabitant of every planet until there was nothing left in this universe but him.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Or don’t.

If you came across this creature, chances are you wouldn’t be too afraid of it. Sure, you might let out a little shreek of terror, but then you would kick off your sandal, pick it up, and slap it down on this beast. It is nothing more than a common house spider.

The image is part of a series of unbelievable images. Click the link below for more amazing pictures.

11 Unbelievable Microscopic Images

The crazy-cool thing is that God took the time to create this spider. Look at the detail. He took his time in deciding what this insect, and every other insect would look like. And, he watches after this little guy. If God loves this spider enough to watch over it, then think how much he loves you and me (Luke 12:6-7).


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