Getting Savage

Tomorrow I will run my second Savage Race and third adventure race overall. A team of around 25 people from my gym will meet early tomorrow morning and head over to the race venue. We’ve been preparing with an adventure fitness class at the gym that involved running and various workouts. I think we are in pretty good shape and ready to kicks the race’s butt. The last time I completed the race, however, I ran into a couple obstacles on and off the race course.

First, I lost a nice pair of sunglasses in a pool of mud.

Second, I had to skip an obstacle out of fear. I have had an issue with tight spaces since I was 5 and my brother rolled me up in an area rug. It’s not his

The most painful obstacle on the course is a pool of ice. Halfway through the pool is a wooden wall that forces you to fully submerge yourself in the freezing water. your body remains numb for quite a while afterwards. This year, it is the first obstacle. The looks on their faces does not even begin to tell the story of what is going on in your mind and body in that moment.

fault. I asked him to do it because he and his friends used to do it. Up until that moment I had no idea I was claustrophobic  but I found out really quick. I was going to try to overcome my fear. The obstacle entrance was a crawl under barbed wire through the mud, no big deal, then up a tube, down a tube, and back through mud under barbed wire. I tried to pump myself up as I approached the tube. I figured if I just followed the guy in front of me then I would be OK. I entered the tube, my legs still sliding through the mud, and just as I did I watch the guy in front of me disappear down the other side of the tube. Everything got dark, the tube shrank to a size that surely would cause me to get stuck, and I would die in that tube. My heart began to race. Anxiety took over, and think I uttered a couple cuss words and backed myself out of the tube, and walked past it.

I am trying to talk myself into trying again this go around. I just looked at the obstacle list and it is on there. Just the thought of entering that tube brings about a slight anxiety. I am, however, determined to conquer it; to put my faith in God and know that I can overcome this fear.

Third, on the easiest obstacle of the race, I sprained my ankle. A slide. A simple slide. All I had to do was let gravity do it’s job and continue on the course. But, a small bump in the wood underneath the rubber matting grabbed the heal of my foot and wrenched my foot forward. I didn’t realize the pain until a couple hours after the race, but still wear an ankle brace whenever I run, and will continue to do so for another few months, probably. By the night, my ankle had swelled to unnatural proportions and I was couched for a few days.

Despite all this, I had a great time, and am looking forward to getting out there and proving to myself that I can do this.

Please say a little prayer for me when you get a chance.


Here is a map of the course…


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