A few words from Walt.

Jon Acuff’s Blog
A few words from Walt.

I saw this sign hanging up on a construction site at the Magic Kingdom. Disney is expanding Fantasy Land and had a series of these placed on the wall.

I love this quote because it touches on a very unsexy part of chasing a dream. It touches on a word that is not so fun but oh so important.


It’s easy to have a dream. Anyone can dream. The world is littered with dreamers. Dreaming is easy.

It’s the doing that is such a hassle.

It’s the sticking with it that’s such a challenge.

It’s the relentless focus that’s such a problem.

But that’s how a dream becomes a reality.

That’s how a “what if” becomes a “what is.”

That’s how a swamp in Florida becomes a castle generations of children will remember.

Got a dream?

Dog it. Like Walt.

What dream are you focusing on right now?



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