Making a Real Difference

Check out the video below.

Many times we take pride in our little contributions to the world. And, there is nothing wrong with making small contributions to improve our communities. In fact, if everyone made just one small improvement to their community each day, then it wouldn’t take long for the world to take notice and for a real difference to take place.


We tend to give ourselves more credit than we deserve. we want the world to notice our every move when we are doing what we perceive to be good deeds.

Imagine being the person that helped bring electricity to your town/city.

Imagine being the person who made it possible for the people of your community to communicate more effectively, to educate one another, to debate, and to organize.

And then imagine doing all of this at the age of 15.

This young man is making huge contributions to his community which could could impact it for generations to come.


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