The Wilton North Report…a place where dreams are born

In the link below, Nell Scovell discusses what it is like working in the writing room of a new comedy series called The Wilton North Report  back in 1987. If you are an avid fan of TV comedy, you will recognize many of the names of the writers she worked with, including a very young Conan O’Brien.

I don’t have strong aspirations to write for television. Although, I certainly wouldn’t turn down a gig at Saturday Night Live. What I found particularly compelling about the article was the idea that we all start our dreams somewhere. Nell, Conan, and others started here.

The article reminded me [because I am a nerd] of Dumbledore’s Army in Harry Potter. In the movie, Harry says something about what they had in common with all the great wizards was that they all started in the same place, as students.

dumbledore army

No one wakes up one day and decides that are going to make their dreams come true that day. No. We realize our dream and then we start taking steps towards that dream. Sometimes those steps are very small. Sometimes those steps feel like steps backwards. And sometimes, those steps redefine our dream.

We fall. We learn. We get back up and keep pushing forwards. That’s what makes dreams a reality. Oddly, or maybe ironically, that is the same path we take in our relationship with God.

Anyway, check out the article. It’s a long one, but it is worth the time.

Inside the Greatest Writers Room You’ve Never Heard Of | Splitsider.

Where was your Wilton North Report?

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