2012 in Review

Below are the top posts from No Cubicle Required for 2012.

I started this blog on my birthday back in June and this experience has helped me to understand my faith more, to define what I believe, to question those beliefs and articulate why I believe what I do. I look forward to continue that work into 2013 and appreciate everyone who has taken the time to visit my little corner of the internet.

  1. Mr. Incredible and the Body of Christ (with a little Voltron thrown in for good measure)
    • This post took top honors mostly because of the header image; somehow, it became the top image result for ‘mr incredible’
  2. R.I.P. by M. Rockmore
    • a guest post by a close friend of mine whom I wish would write more posts for this blog
  3. Do you need proof of heaven?
    • a review of an article discussing the validity of heaven
  4. Bible Study vs. Bible Do
    • a discussion on taking what we learn in the Bible and applying it to our everyday lives
  5. When Co-Workers Take the Lord’s Name in Vain at the Perfect Moment
    • a lite-hearted post about things that happen while sitting in a cubicle

For 2013 I want to focus on writing stronger, more concise content consistently. I am setting up  weekly writing schedule to give myself a break from writing everyday. I have found there is a lot of pressure in writing everyday. I think I needed to do it to kick off this blog and to get my brain working. I didn’t focus on the quality, but rather the act of writing itself. Now that I am more comfortable, I want to focus on the quality of the content.

My goal is to start making money writing this year. I don’t expect it to replace my full-time income, but rather make up a small percentage of our household income. Each year, my goal will be to increase that percentage.

I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me for this new year. He did quite a bit of work on me in 2012 and I can only assume that he will continue what he has started.



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