Clarity in the Clouds

A couple weeks ago I was sitting in church and as the pastor was talking, these words came out of his mouth,

“Resurrection simply cannot happen to those who aren’t dead first.”

That little statement shook me from my Sunday morning daze. It broke through the cloud of selfish thoughts that tried to seperate me from The Lord. You know the thoughts; you’re sitting in church thinking about everything you didn’t get done in the past week, thinking about where you are going to go to lunch after church, and who you are going to ask to go with you, what you have to do that evening to get ready for the week, and on and on and on….

The cloud liften and I sat and pondered that thought for a while. It’s not like it is an amazingly profound thought. It’s not like any Christian wouldn’t hear that and say, “Duh, that’s why they call it being re-born.”

No. It’s nothing like that. It was more of just a crystal clear reminder.

I was once dead, and feared death. I thought that my salvation was based on whether or not I was a good person. I thought the admission price into heaven was good deads. I assumed that because of the things that I had done and the things that I had said, that there was nothing I could do to turn it all around. I had almost convinced myself that it was alright; that I would happily live out eternity in hell with my friends.

And then I died.

I died to my old way of thinking. I died to my fears and doubts of admitting that I was weak, that I was selfish, that I put myself, and my wants, ahead of everything else.

I was re-born to new life. Am I perfect? Far from it.

God chased after me. He cares enough about me to take the time to direct my life towards something joyfull. He loves me enough to watch over me everyday, to listen to me when my thoughts are a mess, to forgive me way I sway from the path, to accept me for who I am, and to see me for who I can be.

And he is doing the same for you.

If you are trying to hang on to your life, let it go, give it up. What he has in store for you is so much better than you could possibly imagine. You might not have all the answers you need, but maybe you just need to let go in order to find what you are looking for. Trust in him and he will surely take care of you.

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