I Pity the Fool


Mr. T was an extremely spiritual man. He always thought of others before himself and truly lived out the commandment, “love your neighbor as yourself.”

That must have been why he pitied fools so often.

Or maybe he was just a genius and felt bad for the rest of us lesser intelligent human beings.

We may never know what Mr. T really meant when he reminded us of his feelings towards fools. Perhaps, though, we can speculate on what exactly it means to “pity the fool,” using the Bible of course.

Maybe Mr. T wants to save us fools,

Psalms 72:13 He feels pity for the weak and the needy, and he will rescue them.

Like the Lord, Mr. T sees a world filled with weak and needy people. He hears them crying out and wants to rescue them. Perhaps this is why he joined The “A” Team; so that he might have the opportunity to serve the people in his community and save them from their own wicked, weak willed, sin filled lives.

Maybe Mr T was on the verge of destroying us fools,

Ezekiel 20:17 Nevertheless, I took pity on them and held back from destroying them in the wilderness.

Being a mercenary for hire, Mr. T was used to destroying people, places, and things. But even a man as tough and as gold clad as Mr. T still has a heart. He can still be filled with compassion and show mercy to those who just don’t know any better.

Mr. T knows the fools are human. They all come with their own bag of rocks. They have faults, hurts, habits, and hangups and all they are really looking for is someone to love them, to accept them, and to guide them through life on Earth. He sees them trying and failing over and over. He sees them wandering off into the wilderness, blind to the dangers they are bound to encounter. He watches them run from love and community. He sees them filling their lives with lies, secrets, deceit, and hatred.

Maybe it would be easier to just destroy them; to put them out of their misery. But that’s not how Mr. T shows love, nor is it how he teaches us fools to love each other. So, he pities us fools, and holds back from destroying us (unless he was specifically hired to kill one of us, and then he is contractually bound to take us out in the most entertaining manner possible).

I wish I could be as holy as Mr. T. As hard as I try, I still judge my fellow man. I still see those floundering souls rejecting God at every turn and shake my head in disappointment and judgement. I still look in the mirror and see my own sins and think that I could never be forgiven even though I know that Jesus died so that I am.

May we all learn to pity the fools in our lives; to cut each other (and ourselves) some slack, and to accept that we are all broken without the saving grace of Jesus Christ. May we all learn to trust more in him and less in our stuff, our careers, our money, our “A” team, and our weak attempts to fix ourselves.

What does it mean to you to pity the fool?

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