Blake or Amanda Clark


A life of “LESS” can lead to a “MORE” life in Christ. 

It’s hard not to want more.  More money.  More talent.  More prestige. More power.  More influence.  Or more of tangible things… More books.  More gas mileage.  More hourly pay.  More furniture.  More DVD’s.  More music.  More friends.  More inches on that flat screen.  More channels. More going out to eat.  More exercise.  More marathons. More data minutes. More house.  More toys.  More people’s approval. 

But how does all this MORE affect our spiritual walk?  Does any of this stuff lead to the abundant or MORE life Jesus offered in John 10:10? 

Did more wives lead Solomon to the abundant life?  Did more of anything Solomon had lead him to an abundant life?  Ecclesiastes seems clear that in the end- Solomon simply points to a relationship with God to give him that “more” he was seeking. 

There are many…

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