Below is an excerpt from a narrative I wrote for First Baptist Church of St. Petersburg Holy Week event, Experience the Storya unique, exciting, and immersive multimedia experience of GOD’s interaction with the world. 

Before there was anything, there was nothing. That’s not exactly true.

Before there was anything, there was God.That’s not completely true.

Before there was anything, there was God the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.

From the complete absence of gravity, matter, time, space, and light came a voice. The voice boomed and the darkness of the void was gone. When the voice spoke, the universe came into existence. It was the beginning of time as we know it, and it was good.

The voice created matter, and gravity. The voice created the stars in the sky, and placed the planets around them. The voice set it all in motion.

And then, God focused on one little galaxy in all of creation, and in that galaxy, He focused on one little solar system on the edge of that galaxy. He placed the planets around that particular sun and chose one of them in particular. It wasn’t a large planet, not a particularly small planet either. It was covered by a large ocean which made a beautiful blue sky. And out of that ocean he raised land.

God created a place that could sustain life. And that is exactly what happened. Life sprang up from the ground, and it was good.

The Earth came alive. Trees and plants covered the ground. Animals and creatures roamed. The skies filled with birds, and the oceans with fish and all sorts of sea life. This seemingly meaningless planet in a little solar system on the edge of an insignificant galaxy swirling around in the blackness of the universe was now a home.

God focused His loving gaze on His greatest creation, whom he would create in His own image.

From out of the dust of the earth God formed man. Soon after, He gave him a companion; woman.

Suddenly, it became apparent to all creation why God made this planet a home. This was to be a place where God’s love penetrated every corner of the earth. This was to be where God would commune with mankind; to walk with them, to talk with them, and to share in the experience of life with them.

And for a time, it was.

Man and woman walked the earth, living in perfect harmony with their creator and His creation. Their connection with Him seemed unbreakable; their relationship with Him, righteous.

In His infinite wisdom, God gave humans the gift of choice. No matter what, free will would never be taken from them.

To make that gift known, God gave humans the opportunity to choose. For just as much as He wants to give His love to His creation, He also desires to receive love from creation. And so…


He gave them one command; one requirement. Humans exercised their free-will and made a choice.

The knowledge of the choice they made was instantly apparent. Forever, we were scarred.

Sin flooded the Earth. The connection with God; broken.

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