asteroid_impactBelow is an excerpt from a narrative I wrote for First Baptist Church of St. Petersburg Holy Week event, Experience the Storya unique, exciting, and immersive multimedia experience of GOD’s interaction with the world. 

In that moment, God judged man. In that moment, humans, for the first time, chose to be lord over their own life, and put themselves in the place of God. In that single choice, we were found guilty.

It is a verdict we cannot escape.

We are all broken by sin.

Like a meteorite crashing into the Earth, death spread across the land and over the seas in a cloud of decay, sickness, separation, pride, addiction, and death.

God’s perfect creation; cracked.

Humans continued to exercise their free will and chose to turn away from God; to hide from Him until they could hardly see Him at all.

And though God longed to commune with His creation, he held true to his word and let them continue to choose. Some chose to turn back to God; to call out to Him, to try to pay for the damage that had been done (a debt they could never pay). Others turned from Him completely, denying His existence, and putting their faith in other gods.

The first of men, who was made in God’s image and who walked with God, gave up paradise because of his greed for knowledge.

The most unlikely of men, who put his whole faith in the power of God, grew into a mighty king only to fall to his lustful desires.

The best of men in God’s eyes was crippled when subjected to sin and questioned God’s goodness.

The mightiest of men found himself weak and mangled by sin.

If these great men were brought to their knees by Satan, what chance do any of us have?

If our bodies are in a constant state of decay, how could we possibly beat death?

If sickness can so easily distract us from loving our neighbor, how can we ever manage to do God’s Will?

If separation from our Lord can so easily turn us towards other gods, then what hope do we have of ever spending eternity with the one true God?

If pride can so easily turn us against each other and cause us to love ourselves more than our Creator, then how can we ever fathom loving Him with our whole heart, our whole body, and our whole mind?

If addiction can consume our minds, and our lives, then how can we ever expect to hear God’s voice and be transformed by His word?

If death can come in the blink of an eye, then how will we ever truly live?

We are weak, and in our weakness we look for the easy way out.

We are fragmented, and in our attempt to control our lives we put God in His own little compartment only to let Him out when we need Him, or when it seems appropriate to do so.

We are un-trusting and so we put our faith in our self.

We are lost, and in our quest to find our way, we walk down every path but the one that God has laid out for us.

We fall and we convince ourselves that we can get back up by our will power alone.

We run and we run through our everyday lives trying to numb the pain of our disobedience.

We busy ourselves in order to distract our ears from the call to turn towards God.

We give our lives to this decaying world, trying to be a good person, and ignore the cracks in our hearts that we alone can never mend.

The fault lines grow wider; the pits of despair and depression grow deeper.

The cry of our hearts go unattended.

We all fall short.

We are all broken.

And there is only one way to get unbroken.

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