My Top 9 Opportunities

When I re-defined what this blog was to be about back in July, I wanted to make it a place where I could track my progress as a freelance writer. So far, I’ve talked mostly about the spiritual and emotional ups and downs of being laid off and facing the mountain that I perceive is standing in front of me.

This week, I want to update you on how my journey is going. Below, is a list of what I am working on, and what opportunities are coming in the near future. I’m not going to go into great details on any one thing, but will provide brief, vague, descriptions.

1. Supply Shield, Inc.

I’ve been blogging for them weekly since February and things have been going well. It’s been a great experience to learn more about SEO writing, and gives me the freedom to write on a variety of topics. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and they have seen an increase in traffic. There is some opportunity here to expand my role and create landing pages to help drive more traffic to their website.

2. Internet Marketing

I’ve been talking a lot to a guy who owns an internet marketing company in St. Pete. This has been a slow moving endeavor, but could lead to a lot of work down the road. I’ll have the opportunity to write web content, create buyer personas, and help with a number of projects.

3. Ghostwriting

We have a friend who owns a publishing company and writes professionally. He is looking for some help to re-write a book for a specific demographic. I am very hopeful for this as I think he could be a strong writing mentor for me.

4. Social Media

I was contacted recently by a local real-estate agent whom we have worked with in the past about managing her social media efforts to get information out to people, and increase traffic to websites, and open houses.

5. Sports Writing

I have the opportunity to help cover local high school sporting events for the Tampa Tribune. This is very new, and I am not sure I am the right fit for the job, but it is good money, and more importantly, a good opportunity to get my name out there in print and make new contacts.

6. Arts/Entertainment

I’ve been attending a local event, once a month, for artists – kind of a networking group for the arts. At the last meetup, I was talking with the woman who has been instrumental in building the local arts community, and she runs a website that covers artists/events in Pinellas County. She asked if I would be interested in writing for the site. Um…yeah! Again, this is very new, but I am excited for this opportunity.

7. Part-Time Office Work

Some friends who run a business in the area are looking for some part-time help getting organized. They run a sizable business and, from the sounds of it, there is a lot of paperwork to detail with. If you know me, you know that being organized is near the top of my priority list, and creating systems to stay organized is a talent God has blessed me with.

I’m hoping this leads to some writing opportunities as well as I do not believe their company has a blog. In the short term, it is a way to make some extra money, and help a friend.

8. Other Projects

I’m helping my brother build a website for an adventure sports business he is starting.

I’ve been creating content for the church my close friends are starting (launch date is September 14th).

I’ve been helping my wife create email campaigns and develop a newsletter for her Mary Kay business.

I’ve been talking to a guy about starting a business to provide devotionals, and other written materials to churches/Christian organizations. We’ve worked on a couple projects, and found that we collaborate well together.

9. Personal Development

One of the things I have focused on in the last month is seeking out professional writers and trying to learn from them, mostly about how to become successful doing freelance work. I will continue to do this, as the information I’ve gathered so far has been very helpful. In this same vein, I am working to identify someone who can mentor me, help me develop as a writer, and perhaps even introduce me to various writing circles in the area.

I’ve also put a lot of focus on building my relationship with God, understanding Grace, and letting myself believe that God truly does love me, and will take care of my needs. We hear people say, “God loves you” and we even say it, but to truly believe it has been difficult for me. And then, to start to understand just how much He loves me is mind boggling.

That’s the list. This is the first time I have actually written everything out. Looking back over it now, I can see that I’ve got a lot of opportunities out there. I’m excited for the adventure that is coming. It’s amazing what can happen when we stop trying to control everything and just let God work in our lives. I still have a long way to go in the whole ‘let go, and let God’ thing, but I’m getting there.

Matthew 10:39 (NLT)

If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give up your life for me, you will find it.

4 thoughts on “My Top 9 Opportunities

  1. Rob,

    I am so excited for you! You are taking steps toward your goals even though you have doubts, that my friend is called success. What a great example you are for the people in your life. So often we look at the end result and measure the distance between where we are at and that end result. This typically leads to feelings of frustration when that distance seems to appear big from our vantage point. If our goal is to walk 100 steps, the only way to shrink the amount of steps needed to reach our goal is to take the next step. The more “next steps” you take the closer you will get.

    It might not “feel” like it quite yet, but you are 90% of the way there. The hardest part is taking the next step while at the same time having the belief that it might not work. You are proving that you have what it takes inside you to do just that and that is why I am so excited for you. Eventually, the “feeling” will catch up with the steps you are taking, when that happens you really start to have some fun.

    You are a writer! You are successful! You can accomplish all things through the strength that Christ gives you! I am blessed to be able to call you my friend! Great article!



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