Coincidental Blessings

A couple of weeks ago, in my post covering My Top 9 Opportunities, I listed one of them as ‘Part-Time Office Work.’

This past Tuesday, I met with the owner of the local company to find out more about what he needed. My original thought was that they needed an assistant; someone to help streamline process, get organized, and so on. It wouldn’t be the most glamorous job, but since it was part time, I figured I could do it and still have time to work on writing/social media projects as well.

I won’t go into too much detail, but basically, this guy is starting a new business. With that new business comes a host of needs, and one of them is to test the functionality of a couple new websites he is setting up, walk through online processes that have been put in place, make recommendations for improvements, work with his tech guy in India, and write/re-write several manuals.

What he described to me is basically what I did at my job for the last year and a half, before getting laid off. Now, I know for a fact he had no idea what I did as a Business Systems Analyst. All he knew was that I worked for a financial technology company, and the only reason he know that is because I told him.

So when he got done explaining what he was doing, and what he needed, I proceeded to tell him my side of the story. Needless to say, he was excited about my job experience, and wanted me to start right away. The coincidence between what he needed, and what I could offer was amazing. There was no way I could say no.

Two days later, I was sitting in an office (not a cubicle, an actual office – well, more like a trailer inside a warehouse, but a really nice one) testing one of his websites, talking to the tech guy in India, and making a list of improvements/changes that needed to be made. I suspect the project will last about 3 weeks of part-time work. After that, we will discuss other possible projects. My hope is that I can create a blog for their business, and maybe get them set up on social media to increase their visibility online.

God is good. Though it’s not my ideal job situation, it pays decent, it provides a service to a local business owner, and it is a blessing to a friend.

It’s amazing what opportunities will come your way when you are open to whatever God has in store for you.

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