Savage Race. Done.

On Saturday, I completed the Savage Race. We had a fantastic run. My team, the Elite Warriors, met up around 7:15am at our gym. From there we car-pooled to the event about an hour away. The land where the race was held was beautiful; large expanses of grass and hay dotted with lakes and swamp […]

Getting Savage

Tomorrow I will run my second Savage Race and third adventure race overall. A team of around 25 people from my gym will meet early tomorrow morning and head over to the race venue. We’ve been preparing with an adventure fitness class at the gym that involved running and various workouts. I think we are […]

What planet is this from?

You’re no doubt looking at that picture and thinking that it is some sci-fi creation. It must be from a movie like Starship Troopers, Alien, or some Michael Bay flick. It is crazy menacing. It is other worldly. It is an alien creature bent on eating its way across Earth’s landscape leaving behind it a […]

A Very Grand Canyon, Indeed

Let us take a few minutes to quiet our minds, put the cell phone down, focus our minds, and enjoy a small sliver of the beauty that God created. Some people would use the Grand Canyon as proof that the world is older than the Judea-Christian tradition teaches, and I have my own theories on […]

On this day in history…

Actually, I doubt this happened on this day in history, and there is probably no scientific way to prove it, but at some point, 100 million years ago (they say), this spider was going to eat this wasp and was rudely interrupted by a flow of tree resin that trapped them both in time and […]

The Phone Response

The phone was a beautiful invention. Alexander Graham Bell connected the world. No longer did we need to rely on our dogs to come bolting up the driveway, warning us of impending doom, or a child stuck in a well. No longer did grandma have to stand outside and yell to the neighbors to send […]

God Matters

God is so awesome. He had this worked out long before anyone even attempted to try to explain what matter is. Just think about all the things in the universe that we can’t explain that God made to work perfectly, and which all work together to glorify his name.

Making Your Mark

I literally have nothing to say tonight. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for an hour trying to come up with something, and I’ve got nothing. So instead of rambling on for a few paragraphs, or worse, writing nothing at all, I am embedding a video below that I watched the other day. […]

Webinar of Deceit

I’m not sure I like the concept of webinars. I mean, they seem like a really good idea. Thousands of people can attend a single presentation and no one has to travel anywhere. You can sit in the comfort of your favorite company supplied ergonomically correct desk chair and listen in as some amazing speaker […]

The Sneeze Response

Recently, Jon Acuff re-posted an old post about saying “God bless you” at work when someone sneezes. He was trying to figure out how many times one is obligated to say it. Do you say it every time someone sneezes? Or, is there an acceptable cut off point? It was an intriguing question. I forwarded […]