Trading Fear for Trust

For almost 8 years, I got up every weekday and went to the same building, parked in the same area, and made the same walk in, around, and out of that building. For 6 and a half of those years, I sat at the same desk. Monday through Friday held very little adventure, at least during […]

Sermon Sunday: Keep Your Fork!

You remember when you were little and you would go to your grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or maybe just a family gathering? And remember when you would finish your dinner; when you had scattered your vegetables enough to make it look like you ate them, and you had talked your way out of […]

Moving Joyfully

About a week ago, a friend asked me to help him move. I reluctantly said yes because this particular person has asked for me help several times in the past and I wasn’t able to. But this time, it was to be on Saturday afternoon. Saturday is typically my day off. I go to the […]


M. Rockmore is a personal friend of mine and has agreed to allow me to share something he wrote with you. He has been a huge supporter of my efforts to improve my writing and is one of the most intelligent people I know. I am proud to call him a friend and I hope […]