Know Yourself

  To know God is to know yourself. When I went of to college, I entered a whole new realm. It would be the first time I’d been away from home for more than a couple of months. It would be the first time I really had to take care of myself. No parents. No […]

The Big Day

I’m taking a break from the weekly self-absorbed, reflective blog post to talk about a big day that’s is soon to be upon us. This coming Sunday, two of my closest friends will officially launch the new church in St. Pete that God has called them to start. I’m sure, for them, they are dealing with […]

New Adventures

It’s always exciting to set out on a new adventure. It could be literal adventure; packing up your car and heading out west, on your way to a ski trip or rafting excursion. Or maybe it’s that moment when your ride pulls away and you stand there staring at the entrance to the Appalachian Trail. […]