Cubicle Required?

I’m at that point now; that point when I’ve collected my last severance check and the financial faucet has been turned off. I still have money coming in from a few other sources, but it won’t be enough to sustain us for very long. I thought I would be further along with finding other opportunities. […]

And, We’re Off

To say life has been interesting over the past 3-6 months would be an understatement. In that time, we have helped start a church, our son went to sleep-away camp for the first time, I was laid off, and now — well, now is what this blog is all about. Things have started happening over […]

Coincidental Blessings

A couple of weeks ago, in my post covering My Top 9 Opportunities, I listed one of them as ‘Part-Time Office Work.’ This past Tuesday, I met with the owner of the local company to find out more about what he needed. My original thought was that they needed an assistant; someone to help streamline […]

My Top 9 Opportunities

When I re-defined what this blog was to be about back in July, I wanted to make it a place where I could track my progress as a freelance writer. So far, I’ve talked mostly about the spiritual and emotional ups and downs of being laid off and facing the mountain that I perceive is […]

Trading Fear for Trust

For almost 8 years, I got up every weekday and went to the same building, parked in the same area, and made the same walk in, around, and out of that building. For 6 and a half of those years, I sat at the same desk. Monday through Friday held very little adventure, at least during […]

Passion Without Cubicles

Having been freed from employment recently, I’ve had some extra time to browse around the internet. One of the things that has struck me is how many people out there find passion and fulfillment in a variety of things. We get blinded by our own lives, worries, stresses, and responsibilities and forget what it is […]